MEDINA: Security framework to achieve a continuous audit-based certification in compliance with the EU-wide cloud security certification scheme




Deploying a high- assurance, evidence -based and continuous certification for Cloud Service Providers.

MEDINA contributes to the European Cloud Security Certification policy, enhances the trustworthiness of cloud services thanks to the compliance with security certification schemes, cooperates with relevant stakeholders, and helps Europe prepare for the cloud security challenges of tomorrow.

Certification metrics and specification languages

Automated evidence management

Lifecycle management of certificates

Continuous compliance

Latest Blog Posts

Kick-off of MEDINA’s EUROSCAL Initiative

Kick-off of MEDINA’s EUROSCAL Initiative

During the i-4 Global Hybrid Forum 102 organized on June 26th 2023, our partner Bosch (represented by MEDINA's technical manager Jesus Luna Garcia) will officially kick-off the EUROSCAL (EU Friends of OSCAL) initiative. This event has been carefully selected by the...

9th General Assembly in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

9th General Assembly in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Summer greetings from the MEDINA project! We are just back from the 9th General assembly of project partners in Ljubljana, the green capital of Slovenia. With only four months left in the project, we met together to work on finalising the project activities and start...