2023 October Newsletter
31 Oct, 2023
By Maitena ilardia (TECNALIA)

One of the initiatives done by the MEDINA communication team has been the launch of the October newsletter. This newsletter is a publication of the MEDINA Project, and aims to provide information on the project’s activities and to showcase the project’s achievements between July and October 2023.

The main objective of the Horizon 2020 MEDINA project is to provide access to secure, real-time certified cloud computing. In the future, the MEDINA framework that has been developed by the European project partners strife for enabling continuous certification through a series of efficient tools. Certification is based on the European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS), which has been addressed in the project by means of uniform “assessment rules” – measures, metrics, and measurement procedures. With continuous audits, we can ensure better overall security than with point-in-time audits.

The outputs of the MEDINA project, which ends in October 2023, include a set of automated metrics-based tools and techniques that support continuous compliance monitoring, seamless audit trail of evidence with traceability and tamper protection, and risk-based management of certification status. Use of the MEDINA framework results in more efficient and effective audits, with less manual effort needed to find and assess relevant evidence, while improving the trustworthiness of the certification process.

The MEDINA framework has been validated in two real-world cloud use cases developed in the project, namely “European Certification of Multi-cloud backends for IoT Solutions” led by Bosch, and “Continuous Audit of SaaS Solutions for the Public Sector” led by Fabasoft.

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2023 October Newsletter