Automated Certification at the ENISA AI Cybersecurity Conference 2023
20 Jun, 2023
By Jesus Luna Garcia (Bosch)
During the ENISA AI Cybersecurity Conference, our MEDINA partner Bosch (represented by Jesus Luna Garcia) advocated about the need to introduce automated processes for the cybersecurity assessment of AI systems as a way to make more efficient any upcoming certification scheme. Furthermore, the corresponding panel discussion elaborated on the need to allow for transparent, and voluntarily AI certification schemes where the notion of self-assessments takes a primary role. These characteristics, along with internationally harmonized standards and holistic approaches (covering the whole AI Trustworthiness topic, beyond cybersecurity) would result on an improvement of the Digital Trust clients/customers put on AI, IoT and cloud ecosystems.

The framework being developed by MEDINA, undoubtedly paves the road towards the automated certification of AI trustworthiness, as advocated during the presentation.