EUROSCAL previewed at flagship ENISA and NIST events on cloud cybersecurity and certification
6 Jun, 2023
By Jesus Luna Garcia (Bosch)

As part of MEDINA’s dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities, during the week from 22nd – 26th May 2023, partner Bosch participated in parallel events organized by ENISA and NIST. We refer to the 2023 ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference and the 4th OSCAL Conference and Workshop where we presented the latest updates related to the framework developed by MEDINA (including a live-demo to the ENISA AHWG EUCS), and previewed the EUROSCAL initiative. But, what is EUROSCAL? Well, more details will appear in this blog in few weeks (once the official EUROSCAL kick-off event has taken place). For the time being let’s think of EUROSCAL as one of the concrete exploitation results from MEDINA (in particular from partner Bosch), where an EU-based community of enthusiastic participants will voluntarily exchange know-how and guidelines for supporting the use of NIST OSCAL in topics like EUCS.

But besides discussing MEDINA and previewing EUROSCAL, the ENISA-organized event provided our project with further insights on the upcoming EUCS and major activities where we can continue our collaboration. In particular, we refer to topics like implementation guidance on “continuous”, the CS-Basic questionnaire, and finalization of the EUCS1 TS by CEN CENELEC. It’s worth to notice that these EUCS-support activities have been a major pillar on MEDINA’s standardization roadmap.

Keep tuned for upcoming news related to EUROSCAL and EUCS!