Final MEDINA General Assembly in Pisa
29 Oct, 2023
By Cristina Martinez (TECNALIA)

We have just returned from the 10th General Assembly of the MEDINA project in Pisa, organized by CNR, where we met to work together on the final integration activities and the validation of the MEDINA framework in the Use Cases

We opened the first day of the meeting with an overview of the final implementation of the two Use Cases (Bosch and Fabasoft) that have been developed in the project by leveraging the MEDINA framework, and discussed the main outcomes of the validation process that has been carried out through them. We continued with the preparation of the scenarios for the demonstrators to be shown during the final review of the MEDINA project on 13 December 2023.

The second day was dedicated to the overview of project`s key results and KPIs throught the different workpackages, following by progress reports on the final achievements in communication, dissemination, training, standardisation and networking activities. We also addresed the topics of the business models that have been defined in MEDINA with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the project outcomes.

It has been a long and challenging road, but the MEDINA team has successfully achieved the objectives set out in the project.

Leveraging automation, ensuring compliance, enhancing trust.

MEDINA Project