MEDINA celebrates its sixth General Assembly
30 May, 2022
By Cristina Martinez (TECNALIA)

MEDINA held its 6th General Assembly on 24 and 25 May 2022. This type of meeting takes place every four months and is attended by all partners. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was held online using Teams.

The main objectives of this 6th GA revolved around the following topics:

  • To reach a common understanding on the different workflows in the MEDINA architecture and the tools / components involved
  • To set up the integrated MEDINA demo and the stand-alone tool demos
  • To understand the status of the use cases and the roadmap to implementation and integration
  • To discuss the activities planned for M19-M24, in particular related to the topics of integration, validation and assessment of organizational evidences
  • To follow up the exploitation, dissemination, and standardisation activities.

The planned objectives have been met during the meeting, and the workflow demostrations are ready in the Kubernetes Test Environment.

MEDINA has passed the first half of the project and the partners are ready to face the next project review on 8 June.