MEDINA deliverables released in January 2023
24 Jan, 2023
By Cristina Martinez (TECNALIA)

Two new public deliverables have been released and published on the MEDINA project website in January 2023. These deliverables are related to the prototypes of the second version of MEDINA Framework components.

This is the second and last deliverable presenting the definition of the technical and organizational measures (TOMs) relevant for CSPs along with a set of security metrics (both quantitative and qualitative) for such security objectives. This document, delivered at M27, contains updated versions of the controls mapping adapting it to the EUCS evolution since the version adopted in D2.1, new and updated technical and organizational measures (TOMs), as well as new and updated metrics. It also includes the final version of the software component of the Catalogue of Controls and Metrics, defined as the KR1 in MEDINA project.

This deliverable is presented a second version of the MEDINA integrated solution with augmented functionalities respect to the initial prototype of M15 taking into consideration the feedback coming for the use cases. In this document it is shown how some of the main objectives of the work package 5 are achieved concerning the maintenance of the SecDevOps infrastructure for MEDINA and the support of the continuous integration with integration session, workshops and webinars.

The goal of this second version is to have a more stable environment and a more automated solution for the MEDINA Framework using the CICD approach.

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