MEDINA participated in the IWCSEC 2022 workshop at the ARES_Conference
24 Aug, 2022
By Jesus Luna Garcia (Bosch)

MEDINA Technical Manager Jesus Luna from BOSCH has participated in a panel titlled “Delta certification – challenges and possible solutions” within the IWCSEC 2022 workshop at the ARES Conference 2022.

This ARES 2022 panel on the topic of delta certification discussed MEDINA-relevant topics like automation and its benefits from a traditional certification perspective. The panelists agreed on the need to further leverage automation on the certification schemes being develop by ENISA, although the inherent technical and organizational challenges were also acknowledged. Related to the latter, during this panel the notions of delta- and compositional-certification were briefly discussed, both as relevant problems to research, but also as promising certification features to adopt in the next 5 years.

The panel closed with a Q&A session from the audience, where topics related to machine-readable certification languages and security metrics were of common interest.