MEDINA standardization activities presented at the CYRENE workshop
22 Jun, 2023
By Jesus Luna Garcia (Bosch)

Last Friday June-16th 2023, MEDINA participated (as invited project) on the CYRENE standardization workshop on cybersecurity and supply chain security with focus on our standardization activities. The presented material showed MEDINA’s active engagement on the topics of EUCS (ENISA, CEN CENELEC), Metrics (ISO/IEC and NIST) and Automation (NIST), which are expected to be sustained even after the finalization of the project.

Furthermore, the CYRENE event was a good opportunity to know about the technical and standardization approach followed by projects funded in the same H2020 Call as MEDINA (e.g., BIECO, SIFIS, ASSURED, IOTAC, SANCUS and CYRENE itself). All in all, it is worth to notice the similarities in the developed frameworks and the important role played by standardization activities as future sustainability of our projects. We welcome workshops like this one organized by CYRENE as a mechanism to establish future collaborations on topics related to cybersecurity certification and standards.