MEDINA Standardization presented at the SWForum webinar
3 Mar, 2023
By Jesus Luna Garcia (Bosch)

During the SWForum webinar on “Software Technologies and Standards” (February-21st, 2023), MEDINA’s Jesus Luna Garcia discussed the project’s approach to an effective and efficient standardization engagement. On one hand the presented approach allows MEDINA to feedback its technical activities from relevant standards, and on the other hand enables influencing SDO initiatives with project’s results to guaranteeing sustainability.

This presentation also showed the three main pillars of MEDINA’s standardization roadmap namely EUCS, cybersecurity compliance metrics, and automation. Furthermore, the project presented its position for supporting the development open and freely available cybersecurity standards. It is our belief that our position will enable innovative research and the development of solutions which are relevant to cybersecurity, while guaranteeing their interoperability and prompt uptake.

This topic was further elaborated during the panel discussion, where motivating comments were received from the audience. For sure MEDINA’s position will motivate further discussions, so keep tuned for upcoming blogposts!

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