Second release of the MEDINA Framework
16 Feb, 2023
By Claudia Zago (HPE)

In the deliverable D5.4 MEDINA Integrated Solution we present a second version of the MEDINA integrated solution with increased functionalities compared to the initial prototype at M15. The document shows how some of the main objectives of the work package 5 are achieved in relation to the maintenance of the SecDevOps infrastructure for MEDINA and the support of the continuous integration with dedicated session, workshops and webinars.

A description of the entire integrated environment including the Test Bed environment hardware resources, the Kubernetes cluster and the CI/CD infrastructure is provided. Then the document goes deep into the description of MEDINA CI/CD implemented solution, how it supports the automation of the processes with the pipelines and their stages with a focus on security aspects. The seven scenarios are presented in a new view based on the roles of the users in MEDINA. For each of the eight building blocks that compose the MEDINA architecture their current status and their published APIs are reported.

The next version of this deliverable published in M33 will provide the final MEDINA integrated solution including corrections and feedback from the implementation of the use cases.