The utopia of cybersecurity certification / certification-by-design
28 Jun, 2022
By Jesus Luna Garcia (Bosch)

The Technical Manager of MEDINA, Jesus Luna from BOSCH, has participated in an interview about MEDINA organized by CyEn (Cybersecurity and ENergy Strategy & Policy) on 28 June at 12:30 a.m. The title of the event was “The utopia of cybersecurity certification / certification-by-design”.

During the interview Jesus Luna Garcia, Cloud and AI Cybersecurity at Robert Bosch has shed light on the state of EU cybersecurity certification, the goal of cybersecurity certification by design, and how to achieve it. He has share experience from the ongoing EUCS (European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme) design and how AI, cloud, and cybersecurity interact and complement each other. The role for stakeholders was also discussed.

The complete interview is available here: