Third Expert Stakeholder Group meeting
2 May, 2023
By Jesus Luna Garcia (Bosch)

A new edition of MEDINA’s Expert Stakeholder Group online meeting took place last April-25th 2023, with the goal of presenting our approach to a couple of interesting aspects of the project namely the Catalogue of Metrics and Controls, and MEDINA’s Standardization Roadmap. With a participation of most of the ESG, including representatives based in UK and the US, this 2hrs meeting resulted in very fruitful discussions and feedback. Furthermore, we took this opportunity to introduce our two new members from Cisco (US) and PwC (UK):

About received feedback take for example the answers provided to the question “which of these enhancement would you prioritize in the Catalogue?” (see screenshot below), where equal emphasis was put on the need for metrics, and support to additional standards (beyond EUCS). This is aligned with the technical discussions in the consortium, where particular emphasis has been put in the development and standardization of metrics (considered a pillar in the MEDINA framework). In analogy, the support to additional standards, despite not being part of the initial objectives in the project, has been successfully implemented so it can be supported even after the finalization of MEDINA.

The discussion on standardization aspects also confirmed our focus on EUCS, Automation, and Metrics as topics which will contribute to the sustainability of the developed framework. We hope to follow-up on those activities also within the follow-up EU-funded initiatives where consortium members will participate starting 2024.

Finally, on the question about what ESG members would like to see during our next (and final meeting), they proposed “more details on EUCS mapping for metrics (e.g., some examples of requirements and associated metrics), tool support (including OSCAL representation), perspective for other EUCS requirements (than the 34 related to automated monitoring) and beyond EUCS”. We will come back on these topics during our next ESG call!